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KapilStudio is one of Rajasthan most reputed and well established recording studios and music production houses. KapilStudio stands for richness, which can be seen through the hard work and dedication. By providing end to end audio/video production services through efficient workflow, top-class production quality, KapilStudio is truly about '"Connecting People Through Music"'.

Our Services

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    Sound recording

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    Music Production

    The team at KapilStudio has extensive experience creating signature tunes to give brands a memorable musical identity. By studying the product and factoring in your input, we compose a tune tailored to the target market.

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    Mixing and Mastering services

    With staffs who have more than a decade of mixing and mastering experience combined with world-class equipment, KapilStudio has helped many artists take their production to a whole new level. Our clients span musical genres and styles.

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    Video production

    Promotional Radio style Recordings that will be playback 4 to 5 hours continue with Advertisements for your business will hold your customers' attention while they're in your facility and grow your business by resonating with your client base.

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    Film post production

    Equipped with versatile musicians, composers, and a huge bank of voice talents, KapilStudio stands out in creating catchy jingles for TV commercials and radio spots. We cover voices, music & audio effects for all promotional material.

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    Music Production and film making training

    Singles can be released online, however if you did not release your material through a record company, it would simply mean it's self released and you are just making your music 'available' more than anything. benefits of single release

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